Pi核心团队发布Pi KYC测试版本!

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Install and sign in to Pi Browser

Pi Browser is a different mobile app by Pi Core Team and intends to provide a decentralized web experience through more Pi Apps and Utilities in the future.

安装并登录 Pi 浏览器

Pi 浏览器是 Pi Core 团队的一款不同的移动应用程序,并打算在未来通过更多的 Pi 应用程序和实用程序提供去中心化的网络体验。


Tap on the button below to download, install and access the Pi Browser. This should automatically sign you into your account inside the Pi Browser app, where you can create the mobile Pi Wallet or access other Pi apps, e.g. Chats and Brainstorm.

点击下面的按钮下载、安装和访问 Pi 浏览器。 这应该会自动将您登录到 Pi 浏览器应用程序中的帐户,您可以在其中创建移动 Pi 钱包或访问其他 Pi 应用程序,例如 聊天和头脑风暴。


If you’re not signed in automatically, try tapping on this button again or sign into your Pi account on the browser directly by visiting any Pi app there.

如果您没有自动登录,请尝试再次点击此按钮或通过访问任何 Pi 应用程序直接在浏览器上登录您的 Pi 帐户。



Welcome to the Pi KYC Beta that intially enrolls only 100 Pioneers per country. These Pioneers will get early opportunities to KYC and also help to improve our algorithm and overall KYC app. Note that your KYC result will come out in about a month.

欢迎来到 Pi KYC Beta,最初每个国家只招募 100 名先锋。这些先驱者将获得早期的 KYC 机会,并有助于改进我们的算法和整体 KYC 应用程序。请注意,您的 KYC 结果将在大约一个月后出来。


Enter the country on your personal ID to see if you’re among the first 100!

在您的个人 ID 上输入国家/地区,看看您是否在前 100 名之列!


Learn More


The vision of Pi Network is to build an inclusive and most widely-distributed digital currency and economy for all people around the world. The mining mechanism of Pi Network is social-network based and the mining rate halves as the social network size grows by 10X. So Pi has a strict policy of one account per person. This requires a high degree of accuracy to establish that members in the network are genuine human beings, in order to prevent individuals being able to hoard Pi through creating fake accounts unfairly. KYC helps ensure the true humanness of the network.

Pi Network 的愿景是为全世界所有人建立一个包容性和分布最广泛的数字货币和经济体。Pi Network 的挖矿机制是基于社交网络的,当社交网络规模增长 10 倍时,挖矿速度减半。所以 Pi 有一个严格的政策,每人一个账户。这需要高度的准确性来确定网络中的成员是真正的人,以防止个人通过不公平地创建虚假账户来囤积 Pi。KYC 有助于确保网络的真正人性化。


This KYC data is collected and used solely to verify the identity of the Pioneer and to be compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and anti-terrorism regulations and the Pi Network policy that only real human beings can receive Pi. We do not and will not sell data collected for KYC purposes without your consent.

收集和使用此 KYC 数据仅用于验证 Pioneer 的身份,并遵守反洗钱 (AML) 和反恐法规以及只有真人才能接收 Pi 的 Pi Network 政策。未经您的同意,我们不会也不会出售为 KYC 目的收集的数据。


What you will need

Estimated time: 8 min


预计时间:8 分钟


ID photo

Take a photo of your ID (passport, driver's license or ID card) with your information visible.




Type your information

Fill out a form with details that match the information on your ID.


填写一张表格,其中包含与您的 ID 信息相匹配的详细信息。


Selfie with your ID

Take a selfie photo holding your ID next to your face.





1/3 ID photo

1/3 身份证照片

Take a photo of your ID (passport, driver’s license or ID card) with your data visible. Make sure the photo is clear and legible with good lighting.



2/3 ID data form

2/3 ID 数据表

Make sure the document is legible. You can add 2 photos (front and back of the document). Take a photo of the back only if contains relevant data.

确保文件清晰易读。您可以添加 2 张照片(文档的正面和背面)。仅在包含相关数据时才拍摄背面照片。


3/3 Selfie with ID

3/3 带身份证自拍

Please take a selfie holding your ID next to your face. Make sure to take a clear photo in good lighting. Don’t cover your face and head.




Why do we need this?

It is OK if your full address does not appear on your ID document. We are required to ask this information due to AML regulations. Please complete it truthfully.





Congratulations!Your application has been submitted!


Thanks for being the first 100 from your country going through the Pi KYC Beta. Youl participation will help improve the algorithm and the KYC app. We will inform you of the next step soon.

感谢您成为贵国前 100 名通过 Pi KYC Beta 的人。您的参与将有助于改进算法和 KYC 应用程序。我们会尽快通知您下一步。


Thank you!




Limit of participants from your country is reached


We’re sorry, we have already reached the limit of 100 volunteers from your country.



很抱歉,我们已经达到了您所在国家/地区的 100 名志愿者的限制。



We’re sorry, we have already reached the limit of 100 volunteers from your country

Please visit us in October, when the trial volunteering phase is over

很抱歉,我们已经达到了您所在国家/地区的 100 名志愿者的限制。

请在 10 月份访问我们,届时试验志愿阶段结束。


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